Geotargeting Your Business

July 28, 2020

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they try to get everyone on the planet to purchase their products and services.  This is a big mistake.  What you want to do is geotarget your business to a specific region.

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Why do you want to do this?

You want to do this because you are going to have a more targeted listing of potential customers that you can speak to.  Think of it like this.  If you are in a room or people and they are all talking at the same time what are the odds that everyone will hear you.  However, if you fill a room with people who want to hear what you are saying, then the odds of your message getting through is increased.  Companies such as Digital Current understand this.  That is why advertising to people through SEO phoenix az has given them massive results.

Speak their language

When you geotarget people you can speak their language.  All over the country and all over the world people have different words and different triggers.  If you say one trigger word in one part of the world and get results the odds that the same trigger word working in another part may or may not work.

Ready to buy

You want to target people who are looking to buy.  You want to look at economic factors, education factors, religious factors, and even the ability to purchase online as factors in your advertising.  It doesn’t do you any good to advertise to an area of the world that doesn’t have credit cards or PayPal and can’t purchase your product online.

Time of year

The time of year is also important.  If it is close to a holiday or if it is close to a large layoff then people may or may not want to purchase your products.  There is a lot to consider when it comes to marketing.  However, using geotargeting is a great way to discover hungry customers ready to buy.


5 Qualities of a Great Commercial Cleaning Company

July 22, 2020

Choosing the best commercial cleaning company ensures your business always looks great. Many commercial cleaning services st. paul is out there but you cannot choose the first name that comes along. Instead, research the options and spend money on a company worth your while. The following five qualities are important attributes any provider you hire should offer to ensure satisfactory results.

1.    Good Reputation: A company’s reputation says a lot about them. If they lack a good reputation, they’ve also failed to meet customer needs and this should signal trouble. Choose a cleaning company with a good reputation and get what you pay for. Use the internet to find information about the cleaners. Don’t hesitate to ask around for additional information.

commercial cleaning services st. paul

2.    Professionalism: A professional cleaning crew arrives on time, ready to work. He is courteous and professional and treats your facility like his very own. It is always a pleasure to work with a professional, courteous crew. Do not accept anything less.

3.    Costs: Reasonable prices are a must if you want to hire a cleaner. A good cleaning company understands their work is above average but they can still provide good pricing because customers will come back. Compare costs before hiring!

4.    Licensed & Insured: A licensed, insured company has the skills, expertise, and knowledge to handle your cleaning needs correctly. You are free from the worry of a lawsuit as well. It is helpful to find cleaners that are also boned in addition to holding a license and insurance.

5.    Experience: Experienced commercial cleaners know what it takes to make a customer happy. They know how to clean and enjoy their work. The more experience a cleaner brings to the job, the easier it is to hire them with confidence in their work.