Should I Be Using Direct Mailing Campaigns?

March 27, 2020

Everyone in the online business space knows it: Advertising has mostly shifted to the online space. Thanks to the advent of huge internet ad networks such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, there are plenty of ways these days to get your product or service placed in front of potentially millions of people online.

So should you even worry about using older, more traditional forms of advertising, like print and direct mail? Don’t count them out just yet, because there are some ways that print ads can just be better.

Why Print is Nowhere Near Dead

Some online marketers might lead you to believe that print is dead, but that is most definitely not the case. Here are a few ways that print can just better, in some ways, than an online ad.

·    Print feels more personal

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Print ads still retain that feel of being something personal. Print is a form of media that people can hold and see physically. It makes for a much more tangible, personal, and most of all, memorable, form of advertising.

·    Print can be very concisely targeted

With print ads, all you need to know is an address. The more information you know about your customer, however, the better. If you have their birthday, you could even send them a birthday card with a discount on your service or product. This can be seen as another example of how personal print can feel and become.

·    Still best for local business

Do you have a brick-and-mortar shop? If so, then having a list of customer addresses for mailing campaigns could be a huge benefit for you. You could send out mailings to everyone in a given radius, and let them know about your grand opening and any specials they could get, for example.

Marketing campaigns can still be personal and tangible, and in some cases, be even more effective than their online counterparts. If you’re looking to begin your first direct mail campaign for your business, then begin your mailing services near me search now to get your marketing directly into potential customers’ hands.